Learning Enrichment Centre

Dadirri Student Centre

An indigenous term, dadirri has special meaning and “recognises the deep spring that is inside us”. When we experience dadirri “we are made whole again”.

The Dadirri Student Centre at the College is home to both the Learning Enrichment and Student Counselling teams. In many ways the Dadirri Student Centre has become a sanctuary for students, with private rooms for individual or small group counselling, small group study spaces and larger rooms for tutorials and class lessons. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and students are welcome to make use of the facilities at lunchtimes for meetings and other activities. Students from all year levels access the centre throughout the day for a variety of purposes, including tutoring, small group assistance, individual and small group counselling, as well as educational and psychological assessments.

Dadirri is staffed by a team of professionals comprising teachers, teacher assistants, counsellor, social worker and psychologist. The staff work together where appropriate, to assess and support students’ social, psychological and emotional wellbeing, behaviour and academic progress. Specialist members of the team are able to assist with the identification of learning disabilities that may be affecting an individual student’s progress. They are then able to advise teaching staff on the use of appropriate support strategies in the classroom. To support them in their work, staff members liaise with a range of external agencies, referring students and their families, where necessary.