Parents and Friends



The Parents and Friends Association has a long tradition at the College, starting as the Marist Auxiliary in 1959. Early activities funded the purchase of the beautiful fibre glass statue of Our Lady outside the Chapel entrance and the Stations of the Cross that are still in the Chapel.


The objectives of the Parents & Friends are:


  • To promote the cause of Catholic Education by uniting parents, friends, students and staff of the College in fruitful cooperation.  To enhance the sense of community beyond the student body.
  • To foster and develop informed and responsive understanding among its members relating to matters concerned with the well being of the broader College community.
  • To act at all times in a spirit of mutual goodwill and provide personal, material and financial support for the College through fund-raising.
  • To liaise with similar Associations in Catholic Schools and play an active and supportive role within the Parents Association of Catholic Schools.
  • To provide support for parents and the broader community by means of education and information relating to raising and educating young people today.

Parents & Friends Association

President         Belinda Smith 


Your involvement

The P&F benefits most when a wide range of people become involved in supporting the College. Fund raising is not the central focus.  We urge all parents and friends of students at the College to become involved in this important association. To learn more about the P&F, its activities, and how to become involved, contact the Front Office. Details are listed below.



Phone (03) 6432 7600