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Application for College Board Appointment Application for College Board Appointment (69 KB)

The Board is directly responsible to the Governing Council. Within the context of providing high quality Catholic education and promoting the Catholic life of the school, the Board's functions include:

  • promoting secondary education in North West Tasmania, in accordance with the doctrines, laws and educational ethos of the Catholic Church and the directions of the Archbishop, and for that purpose to take action in conjunction with the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission, the Catholic Education Office, and institutes of education within the region;
  • within the broad parameters established by the Governing Council, formulating policy for the conduct of the College, in consultation with the staff, parents, students, and friends of the College;
  • cooperating with the Principal in maintaining the College as an institute of Catholic education;
  • taking direction from the Governing Council on matters regarding major changes;
  • liaising with the parish priests and parish pastoral councils of the region in matters of mutual concern to the College and parishes;
  • planning, implementing, and evaluating the financial and building programs necessary for the long-term effective management of the College;
  • managing the finances of the College as indicated in Section 12 of the Marist Regional College Constitution for Governing Council and Board.


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Contributor: Deputy Principal 


Mr Adrian Drane
Fr John Girdauskas
Mrs Huong (Kim) Bookarof
Mrs Anne Wood
Mr Edwin Roberts 
Ms Sonia Guizzo
Mr Anthony Stewart
Mr Glenn Hawley 
Mr Richard Rozendaal
Mr Robert Willis
Mr Scott Allen
Ms Bronwyn Nolan-Folden 
Mr Rod Tremayne
Ms Kerrie Flynn
Mrs Tracey Rogers