Our Student Representative Council members and Remar students, in conjunction with the College Community, work very hard throughout the College year to raise money for the missions.

The kindness of our staff and students enables us to raise the funds that we do. We are fortunate that our SRC body are so enthusiastic and motivated in ensuring our targets are achieved.

Renewals and Retreats

Our Year 7 renewal is integrated into the Year 7 camp which is held early in Term 1. The principles of the Making Jesus Real program are also explored through the sessions.
Year 8, 9 and 10 will have their renewal experience integrated into their Religious Education classes. The Director of Mission will visit their RE class once a month to journey through the year-level renewal theme for the year. Class Liturgies and Forgiveness Services will also be integrated into these visits. 

The Year 11 Renewal is held off campus. Guest speaker/s are organised for this day. This is a compulsory day for all Year 11 students.
The Year 12 Retreat is held at a camp venue over two days. This retreat enables our Year 12 students to reflect on their time at MRC and appreciate their transition from child to young adult journey. The retreat is compulsory for all Year 12 students.
Renewals and Retreats allow our students allow our students to:

  • take a pause from the "business" of everyday life
  • have an opportunity to strengthen friendships
  • take time for quiet prayer and reflection in a peaceful atmosphere
  • a fun ‘time-out’ for recreation, games, songs, learning and play