Our Campus

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Chanel CentreColin TheatreJapanese Taiko Drummers in the Harcombe

Chanel Centre

Built in 2010 for our Year 7 students, the Chanel Centre is at the forefront of contemporary design for educational spaces, with an emphasis on the learning needs of young adolescents in a community environment. Light, airy classrooms are placed around a large, central atrium. Quiet study areas, a science discovery centre and collaborative learning spaces are incorporated into the flexible learning areas. Creative use of colour, glazing that takes advantage of the beautiful views of Bass Strait and access to the outdoors are all features of the modern design.


A new chapel is currently under construction as part of the new Marian Centre redevelopment. This will be an area where students and staff can go to spend time in prayer and reflection and be used for college events, such as liturgies and Masses.  Our original chapel was constructed in 1958 and included beautiful wood panelling. It once acted as part of the entrance to the original College, and hosted many events for both Marist College and later Marist Regional College.

Colin Theatre

Opened in 2003, the Colin Theatre has tiered seats for 138 and serves as the College's main audio-visual complex for viewing movies and listening to guest speakers. The control console allows the operator to control DVD, video, or live television feeds as well as sound and lighting for a true cinematic experience. The seating is equipped with flip out desks to allow students to take notes during lectures

Conway Hall

Conway Hall is home to our Performing Arts Studio, theatrical stage and drama learning spaces. Conway comfortably seats an audience of 120, making it an ideal venue for the intimate theatre experience. The sprung stage floor is also ideal for dance, and students also benefit from the mirrored wall which provides visual feedback on performance and technique. Conway Hall is equipped with in-house, state-of-the-art  theatrical lighting, sound rigs and audio-visual projectors. Dressing room facilities can accommodate a cast of 25. There is also a purpose-built storage space for the many props and costumes used in past and present College performances. Conway Hall is also used for music and dance productions and can also be divided into two smaller studios.

Harcombe Centre

Featuring dual playing courts, classrooms and a modern equipped gymnasium, the Harcombe Centre is a magnificent sports stadium for our students and for sports teams from the wider community. Built to Olympic standard for a number of sports, students use the facilities for Health and Physical Education, Sports Science and Athlete Development as well as competitive sport. With seating for 900, the Harcombe Centre is also used as the College assembly space and by the wider community for large functions and events.


Centrally located, the library features an extensive and up-to-date collection of fiction, non-fiction, teacher resources, DVDs and portable AV equipment available for loan to the staff and student community. The library has two classrooms available for booking and numerous study tables for use by classes and Senior College students. Library staff are always on hand to provide assistance with reference and research queries, general enquiries and technical issues. more >

Materials, Design & Technology

Our Materials, Design & Technology workshops at the College consist of five workspaces.
For senior Metal classes, Marist has a large facility that is fully equipped with extensive welding capabilities for Arc, and MIG, a separate area for grinding and cutting and a large floor space. A junior technology workshop is attached and is capable of running both Metal and Wood classes for Years 7 and 8.
Woodwork is catered for by a large co-joined workspace capable of running two classes the same time. It is fully equipped with tools and equipment to cater for all year levels and students have the chance to experience all facets of woodworking and related trades throughout their time at the College.
Currently, Marist is running a one year course in Automotive Small Engines. This is catered for in a separate facility in a smaller space suitable for reduced classes of 12.

Media Lab

The digital media lab incorporates 24 wide screen computers, the latest graphic design software from Adobe, a green screen, lights and camera to create videos and special effects and specialised teacher software to stream videos and text to the student computers. The media lab is used for students studying digital design, media studies and photography.

Music/Recording Studio

The industry-standard recording studio at the College uses ProTools HD and professional quality microphones to enable students to record original music and performance pieces for assessment. The Recording Studio is an excellent facility in which students can develop their skills in the areas of recording, producing, engineering, music industry studies and developing practical performance skills.

The Music Department has 13 individual practice rooms and three larger rooms for group rehearsals and classroom learning. The College has on hand, a range of rock, brass, woodwind and stringed instruments for students studying music.

Science Wing

The Science Wing of Marist Regional College was renovated and reopened by Archbishop Eric D’Arcy in 1996. Since then the College has been constantly updating our fully equipped laboratories with new and improved technologies. This enhances educational experiences in science, particularly when conducting practical investigation which can lead to a better understanding of ideas and concepts within the science curriculum.

The facilities of the laboratories include a number of gas connections for Bunsen burner use (upgraded in 2015), a large range of glassware and chemical compounds for experimentation, fume cabinets, vertical power cords for safety and easy access, eye wash and fire safety equipment, junior and senior microscopes, block out blinds for light-sensitive experiments, electronic sensors and data logging equipment.  STELR (Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) equipment was donated by the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).  This has a range of equipment that is used in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) which are Year 9 and Year 10 electives.

Sports Grounds

The College sits on 17 hectares of beautifully manicured sports grounds that include, two Australian Rules Football grounds, two soccer fields, outdoor cricket nets, a concrete cricket pitch covered with artificial turf, long jump pits and concrete turning circles for discus and shot put, and an all-weather outdoor surface for PE classes. The College is within a short walk of the Burnie Tennis Centre and Burnie Netball Centre and students take advantage of these high-class community facilities all year round.